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Who we are

".... Let us therefore make a fantastic hypothesis, that Rome is not a human settlement, but a psychic entity with a similarly long and rich past, an entity in which nothing of what once acquired existence has disappeared, in which alongside the most recent development phase, all the previous phases continue to exist. "

Sigmund Freud 1856–1939


We are three brothers, three people involved in different professional sectors, all three born in Rome and in love with the Eternal City, convinced more than ever that Rome can and should return to the center of the interests of the globalized world.

"Our" city has practically infinite attractive potential, many of which are currently totally unexpressed.

As the Marquis De Sade said in the now distant 1775:

"The Romans have so much beautiful things that they don't know how to preserve them or evaluate their value".

Starting from this simple consideration, our idea was born:

Atavistic, a new way of doing, feeling, sharing, tourism and giving global visibility to the most beautiful city in the world, muse and inspirer of great beauty.

Roma Caput Mundi ......... again!

The team

Our offices

A studio in the heart of Rome

Our workplace is there where there is something to rebuild and revive and be able to share it with all of you. You will always find us there, in the heart of Rome. We are waiting for you

Contact us

For any information we are at your complete disposal.

Thanks for the text!

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