".... We therefore fantastic hypothesis, that Rome is not a human settlement, but a psychic entity from the past similarly long and rich, an entity in which nothing of what once bought existence has disappeared, where next to the most recent phase of development continue to exist all the previous stages. "

About Us

Sigmund Freud 1856–1939

We are three brothers, three professionists working in different professional fields. All born in Rome and in love with the eternal city, we are more than ever convinced that Rome can and should return to be the centre of the globalized world’s interest. "Our" city has limitless potential attractions, many of rhem today totally untapped. As Marquis De Sade said in 1775:


"The Romans were so many good things that they do not know neither keep nor assess the value ":


Our idea comes from this simple consideration: Atavistic is a new way of doing, feeling, sharing tourism and gives global visibility to the most beautiful city in the world, muse and inspiration of the great beauty. Roma Caput Mundi ......... again!